The Best Online Roulette Diamond Edition Casinos of 2023

Premier Online Roulette Diamond Edition Casinos

Few casino games have acquired the popularity and recognition of roulette over the past two centuries. The game of roulette originated in France and rapidly spread throughout Europe and the rest of the world. Roulette, the preeminent game of chance in the world, continues to attract players of all levels of aptitude and experience. The relatively recent introduction of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition has attracted a large number of new gamblers.

Premier Roulette is currently one of the most popular online casino activities. Our top Canadian gaming experts have compiled a list of the finest real money sites to play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition in 2023, including Spin Palace, our top pick.


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The fundamentals of Premier Roulette

What new features can fans anticipate from the Diamond Edition?

Helpful advice and strategies for beginners

The Essence


Numerous Canadian players are already acquainted with Premier Roulette, a Microgaming online institution. The gameplay of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition is identical to that of traditional European or American roulette. This is why many Canadians consider it one of their favorite activities.


Microgaming has truly upped the ante when it comes to fun with their Premier Roulette Diamond Edition phenomenon, which features many new additions to the gameplay that Canadian players have come to adore.

Gameplay in Online Premier Roulette Diamond Edition occurs on a rotating wheel with multiple positions. Each receptacle is colored black or red and numbered 1 through 36. There is also a green receptacle marked with a zero. This game is called European Roulette. American Roulette has an additional green slot with two 0s, and participants can choose which version to play. Bets are deposited on slot machines, either on a single number, a series of numbers, or a general color.


The wheel begins to revolve, and a ball in the opposite direction is released. When the ball eventually loses momentum and falls into a slot, bets are collected and victorious wagers are paid out. Therefore, Premier Roulette Diamond Edition will always follow this format when played in an online casino.


The Premier Touch Fans of Microgaming’s Premier Roulette in Canada will see many of the game’s excellent features return in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. Helpful additions such as repeat bets, auto play, and gaming history are part of the reason why so many Canadian players have grown to adore this online version of the casino classic, and they will be delighted to see them return for this new edition.


The Diamond Edition Variation

Microgaming has added some entertaining new features to its popular Premier Roulette game for Canadian online players to enjoy:


A Game Of A Distinct Hue

In an online game of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition, the player can choose from a variety of slot colors beyond the traditional red and black. The colors available to players are green, blue, purple, yellow, as well as black and red.


The Greater, the Happier

The ability to participate with other real-life players from around the world is one of the most exciting features of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition. Previously, you placed wagers alongside computer-generated participants, but now the wagers to your left and right are placed by other online players.


It’s Beneficial to Have Choices

Not keen on casino type piano tunes? Want to activate additional features such as turbo mode? Enjoy playing without the sound of rotating wheels or bouncing balls? You can customize your gameplay experience with many of these options by navigating to the preferences menu.


Betting and Odds

Both the types of wagers and the odds of winning are the same in Premier Roulette Diamond Edition as they are in any standard roulette game. Here is a brief review of the different varieties of bets in roulette. Keep in mind that whenever you play Premier Roulette Diamond Edition in an online casino, these types of wagers will be available.


Inside Bets Inside bets derive their categorical name from their placement on the interior portion of the table’s grid, which is organized in rows of three, with the 0 located at the top of the grid. Premier Roulette Diamond Edition features five distinct types of inside wagers:


Straight: a wager deposited on a single number on the roulette wheel.

Split: a wager on two adjacent numbers on the grid (1 and 2, which are adjacent, or 1 and 4, which are vertically adjacent).

Street: a wager on any three consecutive numbers in any sequence (such as 4, 5, and 6).

Corner: A wager placed on four adjacent numbers, such as 1, 2, 4, and 5.

Double Street: A wager on the six numbers in any two adjacent rows (for example, 7, 8, and 9, and 10, 11, and 12).

Outside Bets

A bet that lies outside the table’s grid is referred to as an outside bet. These are classified as follows:


Column: A wager on all of the numerals contained in one of the three columns from top to bottom.

Dozen: a wager on the digits in the first (1 to 12), second (13 to 24), or third (25 to 36) dozen groupings.

Even: a wager laid on even numbers only.

Odd: a wager on all even integers.

Red/Black: a wager deposited on a specific slot color (in the Diamond Edition, additional slot colors are also available).

Low/High: a wager on the lower or upper portion of the number. 19 to 36 are high, while 1 to 18 are low.


Inside wagers are more difficult to win, resulting in greater payout odds. The lowest payout is five to one for a double street. Corner wagers pay 8 to 1, street wagers pay 11 to 1, and split wagers pay 17 to 1. The greatest payout is a 35-to-1 payout for a straight bet.


Outside wagers pay out at much lower rates, but are significantly simpler to win. Evens, odds, lows, highs, and color-specific wagers pay even money. Column and dozen wagers pay out at odds of 2 to 1.


Strategy for Beginners

Since the setup, rules, and gameplay of Premier Roulette Diamond Edition are identical to those of classic online roulette, we will discuss some fundamental strategies that any online player should consider when spinning the wheel.


Correct Probability

People enjoy discussing probability in the context of gambling, but it is essential to note that this term does not always refer to the same thing. In a card game with multiple rounds or hands from the same deck, for instance, the probability of certain cards or card combinations being played varies as the game progresses. Each new round in roulette is wholly independent of all previous rounds. Consequently, the concept of probability is distinct.


If you want to play it safe, the odds of wagering on and winning with an even number or a specific slot machine color are nearly 50/50. However, the probability of hitting the same variety of slot does not vary from spin to spin.


A lavish spread

It’s quite exciting to win a straight wager and collect a 35-to-1 payout, but the odds are stacked heavily against this occurring. Diversifying your distribution is a solid tactic. Choosing an outside bet or a double street will not make you wealthy quickly, but it will help you keep your money longer and increase your chances of gradually accumulating winnings over time.


Mobile Compatibility

Players in Canada have numerous opportunities to appreciate Premier Roulette Diamond Edition on the go, regardless of the device they employ. Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad can be utilized for mobile gaming with relative ease. Android devices such as the Samsung Galaxy and the Google Pixel can play this game at numerous online casinos for real money. Even if you have a Windows Phone or a BlackBerry, you can play this game online through your browser.



Fans of Microgaming’s original Premier Roulette will quickly fall in love with the Diamond Edition. With its additional features and connectivity to other players, the Premier Roulette Diamond Edition game has significantly enhanced an online casino classic! Today, give it a shot for yourself. Visit one of these fantastic Canadian websites from around the web.



How is Premier Roulette Diamond Edition played?

It is performed in the same manner as all other roulette games. Bets are deposited on the winning slots of the roulette wheel, either by number, color, or a variety of groups and categories. The wheel is then spun while the ball is discharged. The ball ultimately loses momentum and drops into a slot, at which point bets are collected and payouts are made.






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