Daniel Negreanu Gets Engaged

Daniel Negreanu recently announced to the world that he is going to propose to his girlfriend, Amanda Leatherman, who is also the host of the Friday Night Poker show on the Facebook Watch Channel. The winner of the card game announced the news on Twitter on the eve of the New Year, along with a picture of her engagement ring and a remark stating that she has accepted his proposal to become his wife.

Negreanu, who was born in Toronto but currently resides in Las Vegas, is a six-time champion of the World Series of Poker (WSOP) and a two-time champion of the World Poker Tour (WPT). Since the middle of the 1990s, when he won his first prize money, he has amassed a fortune that is estimated to be close to US$40 million. He also holds the record for the second-largest amount won in a Live Tournament ever. 2014 marked the year that he was inducted into the Hall of Fame for the sport.


Negreanu has spent the most of his time gambling at the Bellagio Casino in Sin City, which features minimum bets of at least $800 every hand. He is well-known for being quite forthright about how successful he has been, claiming that he reads his competitors by seeing the hands they play and how well they are able to play them. This transparency about his accomplishments has earned him a good reputation.


The proverbial “third time’s the charm”

Negreanu’s personal life has garnered almost as much interest as his abilities at the table, and he has been involved in a number of high-profile relationships over the course of his career. He was married to Lori Webber for a brief period of time during the same period of time that he dated fellow professional player Evelyn Ng. Their relationship lasted for two years.


Leatherman is also a former player, and she dated Negreanu for a period of time a few years ago. However, she broke their relationship because she realized she could no longer put up with the party lifestyle that seems to be synonymous with poker. When she made her comeback, it was as a Big Game Host, and when she came back to Vegas, the stage was set for her to make amends with her previous boyfriends.


Negreanu has dropped hints that they may make their relationship official during the springtime and that the possibility of beginning a family is very much on the table. He admitted to her that he had in fact bought the engagement ring the very first time that they were together, but that he had never gotten around to officially proposing to her. He stated that this time he knew he couldn’t let her slip away, and when she moved in a few months ago, he began arranging the proposal. He also added that he knew he couldn’t let her slip away. He wanted to make sure that he asked for her hand in marriage at the appropriate time, in a romantic manner, and it appears that he was successful in doing just that!






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